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hello [29 Mar 2014|03:34pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I'm interested in a rename token. I have quite a few one worded ljs up for adoption. I will also compensate you with 1,500 LJ tokens to show my gratitude. I just don't have the funds until next payday. The rename is for my other LJ.

If interested, please respond here.

Thank you.

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Journals for Adoption [17 Mar 2014|09:24pm]

Interested in adopting a very rarely used
journal? I have quite a few available.

They are as follows:


If interested, please comment with which name & your email address! I will remove things once I know you want the journal.

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I would really like a rename code. [20 Feb 2012|01:55pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I have 100 LJ tokens and would be willing to make icons, draw, or write.

Please message me so we can work out an arrangement.

Samples of icons/writing/art available.

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Rename Token? [30 Aug 2011|02:49am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hi, I'd really like to get a rename token to change my name. It's old and I'm tired of it, and I honestly can't afford to pay $15 dollars for a token. If anyone could help me, PLEASE message me!

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[26 Jan 2011|03:37am]

 I'm new to this. Hello all. Would anyone be willing to give me a rename code? I would be eternally grateful.
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[05 Jan 2011|02:14am]
Hi, looking for a rename. :) I have 2 Dreamwidth invite codes to exchange. Thanks! interludesign [at] gmail.com
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[26 Dec 2010|11:52am]

[ mood | rushed ]

i have four invite codes for dreamwidth, one username for dreamwidth [skip; it's brand new/never been touched], and a few lj usernames [comecrashindown, sadghosts, andlonelyghosts, withyouatmyside, bemyanimal; also brand new/never been touched]. i'd be willing to give any of these to someone that needs it. all i ask in return in is an lj rename token so i could rename my journal. please and thank you.

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rename code [16 Dec 2010|02:31am]

Would anyone be willing to please give me a rename code? It was my birthday yesterday and I've decided it's time for a change of image. :)

In return, I have 5 Dreamwidth invites and 1 Archive of Our Own invite, or I could also make you a few icons.
icon samplesCollapse )

Please email me at innervoice_chan(at)yahoo(dot)com, or PM me. Thanks in advance! :)
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[07 Sep 2010|10:38pm]

 Hi I don't know if I'm doing this right but I am no longer using this account and if anyone wants it you can have it. :) I just thought it a shame to delete this username in case someone wants it.

I apologize if this is not allowed!
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[15 Aug 2010|08:08pm]

Anyone willing to give a poor college student a rename code? PM or email me at ldyghst@ymail.com! Thanks!
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[17 Jul 2010|02:02pm]

I'm looking for a rename to rename my layout community ~ribbonized to something more simple. I have some dreamwidth invites in return or I could even make you some graphics or a personalized layout (I code flexible squares or Smooth Sailing).
graphics examples
layout examples
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Any kind souls out there? [09 Jul 2010|07:19pm]


I'm looking for anyone that can give me a rename token .
Hurr...well I guess if anyone still does Gaia Online, I can give you all the gold I have (462k) in return...
Not much, but I do hope someone is interested.

PM me!
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token? [07 Jul 2010|12:19am]


Hi there! I come in search of a rename token. My username was originally supposed to be some sort of pun, but no one really gets it and I don't really like it anymore. In return, you could have all the gold and items I've collected on Gaia (it isn't much really, a little over 10,000, I didn't use it much.). I could also do some kind of art  or an FST-type playlist for you.

PM or e-mail me (nalepamonday@aol.com) if you have questions. Thanks! (:
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rename token, I don't want it. I need it. [30 Jun 2010|04:29am]

 Gaia money for rename token? Do people still use that, gaia? or what else do you want? do you want some art, I can get you art.
PM, just to be hip.
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rename token? [25 Jun 2010|06:51pm]


Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a rename token they could part with? I know they cost quite a bit, and in return I have 5 Dreamwidth codes available. It's not much, but it's all I can offer in return for a rename token. PM me if you'd like to contact me. Please and thanks! : )

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Rename Token [29 Mar 2010|02:35pm]

I'm looking to change this ancient name to something more recent. Would anyone be willing to part with a Rename code? PM me if possible.
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[17 Feb 2010|08:31pm]

As you can see, my username is pretty much weird and whatever, and yesterday was my birthday & I just realized that I badly needed a rename. Anyone who has a heart of gold?
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Deadjournal codes [16 Feb 2010|11:25am]

I have 35 20 DEADJOURNAL codes to give away.

Leave a comment with your email address below if you want one.

x-posted everywhere

PS: Be courteous; refrain from making multiple code claims. Remember that the account created with the code given to you will generate another code within a week anyway ;-).
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