Scisci (jonaslovato14) wrote in codelovers,

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Rename Token?

Hi, I'd really like to get a rename token to change my name. It's old and I'm tired of it, and I honestly can't afford to pay $15 dollars for a token. If anyone could help me, PLEASE message me!
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Hi there, i would really like to change my name but alas i can't afford the 15 dollar charge, can someone help me out?
not rename all that much but id want a Deep Space theme so that's why I need 3000 tokens hmmph never needed to pay for anything,other than the annoying feature missing (view all journals in yer style).I could use a custom userhead too,but not sure if that's for rent or what,wish I could pay for my stuff.Been looking for sciene/tech communities and got bored and settled for the tweaking/sharing communities like these *sheesh* raging hormones.